I graduated from Department of Architecture in 2014. After graduation, I worked in the architectural project office for a couple of years but realized that was never what I wanted to do. During this time period I have been introduced to other aspects of design, the most exciting part was UI/UX design and I have decided to continue my career as a UI/UX designer.  

I have been working as a freelance web designer for years. I was honored with 99designs Design of the Year award in 2020.

I have worked with many companies/individuals so far and what I can proudly say about myself is, I had great relationships with all of them. I got %100 customer satisfaction so far because I consider myself as a person who is easy to communicate, I have the sense of empathy and aesthetics and I know how to use my skills to give exactly what the customer wants. I think that creates a perfect customer/designer relationship and keeping this routine is my biggest business plan.

To discuss potential project please write me from my contact page.

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