Florentine is an Italian Restaurant in Stockholm Sweden, created by Urban Italian Group. We started the branding design by imagining Florentine as a woman from Florence who picks her own produce and local wine as a way to communicate the restaurant's commitment to quality and authenticity. Completed the logo design with bold typography to match the retro feel of the interior, also created alternative logos to use in different mediums.

We are seeing illustrations of Florentine in a subtle way through the branding, trying out pasta, having a spoon of tiramisu and making Italian hand gestures, which added a playful feel to the brand and made it more inviting and approachable. We've created animations, such as clinking glasses and champagne towers to showcase the fun atmosphere of Florentine Trattoria. Using these on social media and web design to help catch the eye of the new customers and promote the restaurant's unique personality. The color palette inspired by the south of Italy was our choice to convey the warmth and richness of Italian cuisine.

Overall, we have created a cohesive and inviting brand identity for Florentine Trattoria that effectively communicates the restaurant's personality and values.

Graphic Design and Animations: Ceren Burcu Turkan
Web Design: Hakan Yılmazkaya
Photos: Jona Granath
After Effects Editor: Sedat Azazi
Interior Design: Naif Mimarlık

Logo & Brand Identity, Illustrations, Animations, Packaging Design, Social Media (Instagram story covers templates, graphic design posts), Hoarding Design, Custom Mosaic Design

Featured on World Brand Design

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