Poulette (pou· lette | (ˈ)pü¦let) means chicken in French and was the perfect choice for a take-away and dining restaurant from New South Wales/Australia

Inspired by the aesthetics of old French restaurant signs and facades while creating the branding and colour palette. I wanted the branding to have the same feeling with them with a more modern twist.  

I created the chicken illustration that can be used alone, yet it can perfectly represent the brand without saying a word. While the icon was playful, We achieved making the logo more modern and timeless by using simple typography.

Rhombus pattern was used throughout the branding and packaging in a very consistent way to tie the elements together, such as take-away boxes, papers and sauce label details.

Client: Gabriel Darzi / Darzi Hospitality
Consultant: Kelly Taylor / Spitfire Fox
Interior Designer: Melissa Collison
Photos: Kitti Gould

Logo & Brand Identity
Packaging Design (Sauce labels, takeaway boxes & cups, wrapping paper and stickers)
Uniforms and Caps
Menu Design for various applications

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